Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Last week:
1. Sis-in-law and her two girls, 2 and 5 years arrived from the States. Helped them get some documents settled at the Indonesian Embassy in Jln Tun Razak. Took a lot of patience putting up with the embassy's inefficiencies and crowded waiting area. Also took them for some fun at Aquaria KLCC. The two older girls i.e. my older niece and C, were bickering all the time. Both are the 'cannot-lose-face' type. The younger niece loves dogs so Rusty was a hit with her.

2. Attended E's nephew's second birthday brunch followed by funtime for the kids at BSC's Jungle Gym. C tried rollerblading for the first time. She tried 'balancing' more than 'rollerblading'.

This week:
1.C complained of ear pain when her earlobe is tugged on Sunday evening after the busy and fun weekend. Took her to the doc but he could not find anything wrong. Suspected slight wax buildup, took her temp and detected mild fever. She went to school OK on Monday but by the afternoon, the fever was more pronounced. Kept her from music lesson that evening i.e. second week in a row she's skipped lessons (last week was due to school exam).

2. Kept C from school since yesterday. She had slight runny nose and some phelgm but no sore throat. Today, her temp has stabilised although still rather mild fever (37.3 or so), her nose clear. She seems almost back to normal. Been homeschooling her these few days to catch up with her music and also to complete her school science project which is due next Monday.

3. Today, a classmate of hers has been confirmed to have H1N1 flu. I hope this is not the virus C is infected with. School called to announce closure of her class tomorrow (Thursday). Friday happens to be a public holiday (Wesak). Class resumes next Monday. Inclined not to send her back to school assuming she's recoverd by then since her immunity is on the low and it's the last week of school before the term break on 5th June. She's fallen sick with some viral infection three times within these two months.

4. Have been plagued with aching and stiff shoulder and neck. May be due to lack of exercise, stress and not enough rest with all the family activities, obligations, and the usual needful responsibilities of a housekeeper, tutor, disciplinarian, chauffeur, cook, laundry expert, nurse, child and pet minder, etc, etc.

Hence, this post is 'unconversational'.

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