Friday, April 2, 2010


It's Good Friday today. It's the day when believers of Jesus Christ remember His sacrifice on the cross. Caitlin's school chose to make it a holiday today. That means Caitlin was home today with me. In the morning, after breakfast, we made some scones. Actually I did the measuring and mixing while she helped to roll the dough and shape them with the cutter. The dough was not rolled evenly enough so some of the scones turned out a little lopsided.But they tasted all right so it doesn't matter since we are eating them ourselves. Also, I believe that as long as it's not a matter of life and death, it's not quite necessarry to correct every little 'mistake' a child makes.

After completing her homework, she played and watched tv for the better part of the afternoon. After some persuasion and nagging, she finally gave in to my request to do some exercises in her 'home study' Bahasa Malaysia workbook. Her Bahasa vocabulary is rather limited for what is required in her Year 2 school syllabus. The standard of the language for kids her age these days is much higher compared to that during my time. They now do comprehension, sentence construction, proverbs, antonyms, synonyms and lots more. Those days, in Standard 2, we were only learning to read!

After dinner, C went for her capoeira class. While waiting for her I did some grocery shopping. We're having some friends over for tea tomorrow. It's amazing how some friendships can last while others fizzle off quickly. I have friends dating back to Standard 1, some were from before Standard 1, and we're still friends and still keep in touch through email, online chat and Facebook, and once in a while we meet up. We went to school together until we parted ways for college/university. Now, our kids are friends too!

I'm wondering what to make for tea. Spotted an interesting Vietnamese banana cake (banh chuoi) recipe recently and thought of trying that out. Or should we have crepes with stewed apple filling and vanilla ice cream? or both?

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Brian and I'Ching Thomas said...

Poor girl! I hope it's not HFM!