Monday, April 12, 2010

This and that of the weekend

Yet another weekend has flown by. ACE were not too active this weekend as Caitlin had just recovered from her minor viral infection. She went to Sunday School this morning and they had an Easter party. As I usually don't cook, or cook minimally on weekends, we ate out for lunch and dinner on both Saturday and Sunday.

We had dinner at Sakae Sushi on Sunday. Caitlin had her regular Japanese food favourites of sake (salmon) sushi and chawan mushi while we ordered some specialty sushi, a soup dish, and picked some off the conveyor belt. I think I had too much ocha hence my sleeplessness right now (1.33am), hence my decision to write something here.

Other than eating out, we stayed at home and whiled the time away. C read and played in her playroom, E slept the better part of Saturday afternoon while I watched Julie & Julia, one of the few DVDs we got last weekend.

E finally cut the overgrown grass in our garden. It'd be easier now for me to remove the grass that's growing around the plants growing in the ground. It's a back-breaking and hand-aching task actually so it'll be a 'long term' job i.e. it'll get done whenever I feel like it!

C has started her own (private) blog i.e. one that she writes, or rather types in herself of whatever she likes. I set it up for her on Friday and showed her what she needed to do to write her first post. It's good to see she not only has interest in reading stories but also writing them. She has been 'creating' stories every now and then since a couple of years back. She was quite active at one time prior to starting school and I used to write them down as she told them, and then I transferred them into a separate (private) blog. Lately, instead of telling them verbally, she'd handwrite them in some random notebooks or exercise books. That's when I proposed to her that she could put them in a blog of her own, where she can write anything she wants. And it being a 'secret' blog as she calls it, she got interested. However, it's only day two for now so we'll have to see how far this will go.

Anyway, I'm just glad that it's something new for her to try, and something that takes her away from the TV, although if it were up to me, I'd prefer that she practises her piano and drums a bit more!

I am however, still unable to get her interested in anything related to other languages besides English, namely Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin. I've tried children's TV programmes, story books, Bahasa-speaking day, but so far she's not interested. She'll drag her feet when asked to do some BM workbook exercises but when it comes to Science, English or Math, she seldom complains. Oh well, some things can't be forced....which leads me back to my sleeplessness...

I'm still wide awake. I had tried 'forcing' myself to sleep but it didn't work. Hopefully once E and C go to work and school in the morning, I can catch some 40 winks while waiting for the washing machine to be done with the laundry.

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