Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Going into labour

Caitlin came home from school feeling sleepy and tired yesterday. She also complained of a headache. I let her take a nap, which turned out to be quite a long one and when she awoke, I discovered she had a fever. After some paracetamol, she seemed fine until dinner time when she complained of pain in her throat.

This morning the doctor took a look at her and found ulcers in her throat. He suspects it could be HFM (hand, foot and mouth disease) but she has yet to develop any rash. Apart from the painful throat, she's pretty much herself today. She is staying home for two days. We'll then monitor to see how this infection manifests further, whether it is really HFM or some other virus.

The hassle of having a kid at home on days when she's supposed to be at school means having to catch up with two days' worth of school work that she'll be missing. This means if Mommy cares, Mommy would have to go to school and see each teacher individually to find out what she missed and then supervise her in doing the work at home. If Mommy doesn't bother, then it's up to the teacher to determine whether the child should complete the work or not. It also means for two days, mommy's routine is put to a halt to take care of her and keep her occupied productively.

When you become a Mommy, your LABOUR does not end the minute you give birth to your child. When you start to feel the contractions, it signals the beginning of lifelong labour, a labour of love in caring for your child until he/she leaves your nest!

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