Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The chores around the house doesn't seem to end. When you are an employee in a company, the projects will end upon deadline, the management meetings will eventually stop after a few hours, the press conference, events, etc will end when everything's over and done with. Not household chores. This morning, as E is out of town for work, I had to send C to school. I think driving out in the early morning got my adrenaline running so I started on a washing spree. I washed the laundry, curtains, half of the floor of the car porch (the other half was taken up by both cars, too lazy to move them!), then I 'washed' the dog, and re-potted some plants. Tempted to wash my car but I decided it's too humongous a task. I think my adrenaline must have run out. Next, I have to think of what to do for dinner.

It's Thursday as I publish this post that I wrote yesterday:
I had meant to write about our weekend since Monday and now it's Wednesday already! It's so easy to lose track of time. As a stay-home mom, there are various things to juggle and multitasking can sometimes be no longer effective. Or is it an 'age' thing? For example, I walk upstairs with the intention to do something but along the way, my mind thinks about something else and by the time I get up there, I forget what I was there for. And the countless times I forget where I put something. And the long windedness over something trivial sometimes, like now!

The weekend, yes, that's what I'm supposed to write about. ACE had a fun weekend. On Saturday, we caught the 3D movie How To Train Your Dragon and all three of us really enjoyed it. I had spotted the book some weeks back in the bookstore and it looked like one which Caitlin would enjoy so I got it for her. Little did I know that the following week, the movie was previewing already in the cinemas. When Caitlin found out about it, she was eager to go for the show.

It turned out that everyone else in the whole of KL was too. Online bookings could only be made two days before your chosen date. I made two trips to the cinema to get the tickets. The first time, the box office had yet to release the showtimes for the weekend shows so they couldn't sell the tickets (They only release it three days ahead). So I had to go a second time. Luckily, I was early enough and was able to choose good seats.

The story line in the movie, however, is very different from the book, according to C. Despite that, she enjoyed it.

After a late lunch in the mall, we headed home. In the evening, we went over to our next-door neighbour's house for dinner. Her newly-married daughter had just returned from overseas for a visit and she took the opportunity to have a gathering among relatives and neighbours to visit her new home. C was first glued to Book 4 of How To Train Your Dragon (it's a short series of 7 books) until after dinner when she started playing with another neighbour's kids, while E and I made small talk with some guests and neighbours.

On Sunday, we got off to an early start. C skipped Sunday School to attend her cousin's birthday party in PJ. It started off with rock climbing at Camp 5, followed by pizza and pasta and the birthday cake for the kids. Then it was lunch with extended family at One World Hotel's Chinese restaurant.

I must say that Camp 5 is a pretty good place for some family fun if you are game for some adventurous physical activity. The place is pleasant with clean and spacious locker rooms with toilet, shower and locker facilities, and a cafe that serves a healthy food menu.

I had known about Camp 5 but it was our first time there last Sunday. Caitlin had fun climbing. They started with the kid's boulder cave, and progressed on to a slightly bigger and higher 'hill' before going for the real thing, a relatively high wall. The marshalls helped them put on their climbing shoes, helmets and harnesses and watched and guided each child as they climbed. I guess I'll publish some photos of C's rock climbing adventure some other time.

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