Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Remember the tortoise and the hare?

I'm the kind who likes to get things done quickly. I don't like to waste time. C and E are the laid back kind who take their time. I like to move fast. C takes like five minutes at times (and I'm not exaggerating) just to get out of the car after I've parked, turned off the engine, gotten myself out and ready to start moving to wherever we are headed for.

This evening, the same thing happened as we were headed to a cafe for dinner after her music lesson. It was past our usual dinner time, plus with her being a slow eater, I knew we'd be home later than usual taking into account the heavy evening traffic. And I don't like lingering around the car whether getting in or out of it in public, especially when it's dark.

So without a thought, my 'hurry up, faster' mode kicked in. Now that I think about it, I think I'm in that mode most of the time when C is with me. In the mornings, it's 'hurry up, faster, eat your breakfast, wear your socks and shoes, you're gonna be late for school. In the afternoon, it's 'hurry up, faster, turn off the tv, do your homework, it's gonna be dinner time soon'. At dinner, it's 'hurry up, faster, chew and swallow, eat faster'. At bedtime, it's 'hurry up, faster, brush your teeth, stop reading, change and go to bed, it's past your bedtime'.

Going back to this evening while getting out of the car, C said (after getting out), "Mummy, you're always like the rabbit, always want to be fast. You know, it's better to be like the tortoise."'s times like these you wish they didn't know how to apply what they've learnt!

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