Friday, March 26, 2010

One, two and three years ago

One year ago, here's what I wrote:

Post-move update (click to read)

We've moved on a bit I must say since then. Although there are still some boxes and tools lying around the house, at least the oven has been put to reasonably good use (for a non-oven owner and user like me prior to this). As for the stove, it's been very much used on a daily basis to feed the three, and sometimes more, tummies in this house.

As for C's toys and books, and A and E's books and magazines, a lot, a lot more have been added on to the now untidy and haphazardly arranged book shelves. C's bookshelves cannot hold all her books now....and it's time to tune the piano again....

Two years ago, here's what I wrote:

Watch what you eat (click to read)

The skin allergy never re-surfaced since. I've always been conscious of what we eat. However, I must say that it's hard to be disciplined in eating healthily. Much of the tastiest foods usually come with some level of unhealthiness, especially when you eat out. Being a food lover and somewhat adventurous in trying out new dishes and eateries, it's hard to avoid temptation. If I want to eat 100 per cent healthily, I'd have to really work hard at eating at home and preparing our own food all the time.

A and E recently went for a health checkup. E has to exercise, watch his diet to avoid the risk of obesity and high blood sugar (genetic predisposition) while I have to exercise and cut down on cholesterol-laden food. So the main thing is EXERCISE which we both have problems committing to. While E gets some workout playing futsal with colleagues after work twice a week, it's still not enough. I walk up and down a steep hill getting C from school every afternoon and upstairs and downstairs doing stuff around the house, it's also not enough. We wonder if getting a treadmill would help....

And three years ago, my blog was created on 20 March 2007:

A new adventure (click to read)

This blog has come quite a long way since then. I had strayed a little from its original purpose along the way as my eyes were opened to the then new, exciting world of blogging and its potential for exposure and money-making possibilities. I dabbled in it but never went far enough as I somehow lacked the drive to figure out the technicalities of it.

This year, I'm back to making Stories of ACE purely a journal, recounting events, activities and my personal thoughts. I've not posted many pictures of late compared to the earlier days when I was more gung-ho in 'beautifying' my blog. One reason is that I'm using my notebook more these days. All my photos are in our desktop and I'm just too lazy to transfer them over to the notebook.

The frequency of my posts have also reduced, averaging one a week compared to 2-3 a day during those 'exciting' blogging days. I recorded the most number of posts in 2008 with 289 posts. In 2007 and 2009, I wrote, coincidentally, the same number of 137 posts. This year, it's 25 posts to date. If I keep at this rate, I estimate about 100 posts this year.

How good or popular a blog is, is however, not dependent on the number of posts you write. It's all about who your audience is, the content and effort you put into it, to make it popular. This does not apply to my blog. As mentioned earlier and in my maiden post, this blog is for myself, some family members and friends. Even if nobody reads it, it does not matter. It's just an open journal.

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