Thursday, March 25, 2010

Man's best friend

Man's best friend -- the dog. A woman's best friend too I 'd say.
Throughout my lifetime with pet dogs, they've always proved to be so.
Of course, it's a two-way street.
You love them, care for them and shower them with attention
And you'll get the same in return.

You don't have to guess, I'm writing about ACE's current pet dog, Rusty.
He's part of our family and we love him dearly.
Lying beneath my chair now, he makes me feel not alone.
We both enjoy each other's quiet company.
No words need to be spoken, although he understands when I speak
And I try to understand his actions.

When I'm watching tv and he feels ignored, he'd put his chin on my lap.
When I'm enjoying Facebook, he'd put his paw on my arm or give the keyboard a tap.
He'd sit upright beside me when he first gets into the house.
If I ignore him, he slumps into a crouch.
After a while, he turns to his side and lets out a 'humph!'
Sighing,resigning to thankfulness that he's been let in.
So there he continues to lay and soon starts to nap.
REM sleep takes over at times, and you'll hear his doggie-dream yaps.

When I get up, he'd jump up in a blink
I got up to merely get a drink.
I go to the bathroom, he follows. I go to the kitchen, that's where he goes.
I go upstairs, he tries, but I say "no".
If I take too long, he'd sneak up, a stair-climbing pro.

But he knows -- if I get out the door with my car keys, he'd stay just at the door.
On the inside, for a while before he decides he must be out to know more.
The car door opens, in a flash he jumps inside, hoping for a happy joy ride.
Sadly, most times, I'd drag him out and say
"Good boy, stay".

When strangers with two feet or four pass by our door
He'd bark and say, "Come nearer and I'd bark more"
His partner in action, the neighbour's dog, would then say " I saw them first"
Together, in the dark of night, they'd sing a chorus.
Oh my, what a ruckus!

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