Monday, March 8, 2010

Mandarin comments

Once in a while, I get comments about my posts in this blog that are written in Mandarin. Thanks to those readers who drop by my blog and share their comments. However, I am rather Mandarin-illiterate and can only manage to speak basic Mandarin, write my name and my ability to read/write Mandarin is rather limited.

I am therefore unable to read and understand the long Mandarin comments. I have managed to make out some which appear to be spam or those with the intention to 'advertise' their own links, while others remain undetermined. Today, I received one which directed me to what is obviously a website with adult content. The pictures clearly suggest so with young Asian women flaunting their cleavage in seductive poses!

As such, I have chosen not to publish any Mandarin, or other foreign language comments unless the English translation is provided. And even if the comments are in English, I reserve the right to accept or reject based on the validity, relevance and decency of the comments offered.

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Brian and I'Ching Thomas said...

Recently there has been a lot of spam comments! I get them, too!