Friday, March 5, 2010

It's March already....

I've just been busy with stuff -- everyday stuff and other stuff. Sometimes I wish there's more than 24 hours in a day, or that humans don't need to sleep. Imagine if we don't have to sleep at night, we'd have the extra 8 hours or so to do other things.

The weather here continues to super hot with sudden short bursts of moderately heavy rain in the evenings, making it very humid. One can just sit down and watch tv and start perspiring even with the fan on. Only the airconditioning will help. But once you step out, for even two minutes, you start perspiring again. I think one can just get a tan by driving around running errands, sending and fetching the kid, no need to bask in your bikini on a sun-kissed Caribbean beach.

It's 10 days or so to the school term break. It's only for one week and when school resumes, there'll be this year's first monthly school test. On normal days, we are not able to find the time to revise any schoolwork. Will have to make it a point to help her do some revision during the one-week break. However, we also hope to take a short break somewhere.

As usual, we don't plan our holidays. It's always ad hoc. And most times, I'm the one who has to get the plans in motion. It can be tiresome when it's always you who initiates and takes action on plans. I guess that's the nature of a person who wants to get things going as soon as possible and be done with it, as opposed to another who is laid back and sometimes leaves it till it's too late. There's this Chinese (I think) saying that likens this procrastination habit to "scrambling to dig a hole only when want to sh*t".

Nobody's perfect, I remind myself. Just 'march' on this March, and smell the roses along the way. Don't smell the sh*t. Ha ha!

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