Monday, March 29, 2010

Eating out

Just for fun, these are some pics of food ACE have enjoyed in the recent months (Dec 2009 - Mar 2010). They are not in any particular order. Looking at all the pictures just make me salivate!

Chicken hor fun, KL

Beef balls, Seremban

Beef noodles, Seremban

Stewed pork, KL

Fried radish cake, KL

Ice cream, JB

Fish porridge, Muar

Oyster omelette, Muar

Ngoh hiong, Singapore

Fish and yam steamboat, Singapore

Har kow, KL

Assorted dim sum, KL

Fried tofu, Singapore

Salted egg yolk prawns, Singapore

Chicken chop, fish and chips, Kuantan

Curry mee, Kuantan

Mushroom soup, Kuantan

Steak, Kuantan

Stuffed crab, Chukai, Kemaman

Sashimi, KL

Grilled eel, KL

Gingered fish head, Seremban

Beef with spring onions/ginger and stir fried sweet potato leaves, Seremban

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