Saturday, March 6, 2010

Child of technology age

In the car, Caitlin was verbalising a dream, another one of her ambitions:

"If I'm a boss, my office will have pink walls, and everything in all shades of pink. I'll have a pink notebook with mouse and mousepad. (Guess what her fave colour is?)

My secretary will be A (her classmate). (Because she's her friend).

My office desk will have four drawers. There'll be book shelves, a refrigerator, coffee maker, cups and food, a pink swivel chair, sofa, shoes, clothes, make-up. (She listed all the clothing items in fact. Why so many clothes? In case she spills coffee on what she's wearing...)

My car is the looong type which rich people always drive (we then told her it's a stretch limousine). I'll have a pink stretch limousine with flower patterns on it. On the two front doors, there will be the XXX (company which E works for) logo. (Wow, so young already know branding!)

How do I become a boss?"

I said, "You need to study hard and improve your handwriting" (her handwriting tends to be untidy)

She said, "But I'm using the computer-lah!"

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