Friday, February 12, 2010

Tomorrow is CNY eve

It was an ad hoc decision for my family i.e. parents and brother's family to come over to my place for a Chinese New Year reunion lunch. Since ACE has to go to E's parents' home for dinner, we will do lunch instead. This is the first time my parents will come to KL for CNY eve reunion with my brother's and my family. This is because this year, my brother is not able to take extra days off. So he will travel up north to visit his wife's family on the first day itself. Travelling down south to my parents' on the eve for dinner and then going up north the next day will be too tiring so my parents decided to come to KL instead.

My parents will be left to their own devices on the first day of CNY and I guess we'll all meet again on the second day when I go back to my parents' home.

I shall be cooking lunch tomorrow for six adults and two kids. Then, I shall have to start cooking one dish to bring to my in-law's place as my contribution for the reunion dinner. I was expecting enough time in between but E dropped a last-minute notice. My MIL has summoned us to be back at their place earlier tomorrow. There's church to attend before dinner. And we've been asked to also spend the night there as there's church to attend again at 8am the next day i.e. Sunday, the first day of CNY. This means we gotta pack our clothes and stuff, I gotta cook the dish earlier, right after lunch, and make sure Rusty will have enough food and water put out for him to last him 24 hours all by himself. Aah, then there's a pile of laundry to do first thing in the morning too...

I've got the soup for lunch tomorrow done in the slow cooker. I have just chopped the garlic and shallots for all the relevant dishes requiring them tomorrow. By the way, if you chew gum while peeling/chopping shallots/onions, you won't tear. I read it somewhere and when I started tearing, I remembered and found some of Caitlin's gum and chewed it. It works.

Tomorrow morning, I'll have to thaw the fish and prawns, rinse and cut the vegetables for two dishes that require them, prepare all the other ingredients, collect the roast pork and chicken from the shop I ordered from two days ago and then cook all the dishes. I still haven't figured out what's for dessert.

I think I'd better go to bed now.

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