Friday, February 5, 2010

'Housewife' ramblings :D

I had mentioned in an earlier post that come March, it wil be five years since I left my career to be a housewife (and yes, what's wrong with using "housewife"? But that's another discussion).

Thoughts of going back to work i.e. as an employee (and yucks, I wonder who invented that word!) have cropped up ever so often, especially in the past year since Caitlin is away from home at school for half a day. What do I do in the first half of a weekday besides tidying up the house and cooking and looking after Rusty and blogging and facebooking? Surely there must be stuff that I can do to keep me sane and hopefully put some coins in the cookie jar.

Well actually, all those are enough to keep me really busy for the first half of the day while the later half will be filled with chauffeur duties, childminding and homework supervision. So why should I want 'work' when I'm already working, albeit at home and without remuneration, days off, medical leave (etc etc if I go on complaining)?

For self-esteem? Nah, I'm past that. Hence, no qualms about calling myself a housewife. Somehow along the way, we've been subconsciously influenced that "housewife" comes with the image of a housecoat- and apron-wearing, curlers-in-the-hair frazzled mother with baby on the hip, dirty laundry on the floor and something burning on the stove, right? Ha ha, I'm not like that.

I wear Tshirt and shorts, no curlers in my short hair, no snot-smeared baby, or floor strewn with dirty laundry. I do have dishpan hands, a computer on the table, and floor strewn with books and other stuff the other two persons in my family hoard (big time unorganised hoarders they are, much to my frustration because I'm a neat freak).

Occasionally, I do have something burning on the stove because I get carried away on the computer! Of course, some housewives these days are more 'hip', with their stay-at-home mom lifestyle of Twittering, grocery shopping in high heels with maid carrying designer-clothed baby. Oh, and some have two maids, one to push the shopping cart and one to carry baby. Aren't they lucky? Ha ha, the grass is not always greener.

'Work' outside of the household stuff is to add variety to the routine, but then it'll become a routine too in the end if it's not the creative type. I'm not the type to do the same stuff day in, day out.

Tried my hand at a couple of things over the past few years in fact. But one that has 'stuck' is writing. And strangely, in the past month, I've got more calls than usual from people asking me if I'd be interested in 'working' for them. However, none other than writing jobs, have really gotten me interested or were really feasible (I'm not giving up my family/home responsibilities to go back to slaving 9 to 5 for a salary although I'm 24/7 minus salaray currently!).

Home and family is still priority, despite the reduced income, despite oft frustrations of a strong-willed child and the challenges of juggling housework, parenting and writing, despite many people wondering why a qualified person like me chooses to be a "housewife" instead of earning more money in a senior position I used to have. So, only if you have been there, done that, i.e. sacrifice your well-paying job for family, not rich, don't have a maid, I'd say you'd know what I'm talking about here. Am I fair by saying this? Do I care? This is, after all, my space-lah...

On a related matter, it'd however be great if I can land myself something that gives me freedom to write, express (sing?), work flexible hours, and still allow me time with family, time to do what I like, travel, spa hop, eat...and earn tons of $...Sounds like the path of a bestselling novelist or artiste? It's a dream but aah, as they say, dreams can come true.

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