Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My attempts at creating a lovely flourishing 8 ft X 12 ft 'green lung' at the front portion of my house has been a start-stop affair for the past one year. I was all enthusiastic at first to have my very own garden after moving in, dreaming of how my garden would look like with lush green bushes and flowering plants.

A beautiful, or at least satisfactory-looking garden with mature plants takes lots of hard work, TLC, patience and time for the plants to grow and flourish. Nowadays, you can also have a beautiful, artistically landscaped garden with mature plants in about 24 hours too - instant gardens! All you need to do is get a landscaper or go to a plant/flower nursery and get them to plan your garden, supply and plant the trees, bushes etc for you. You can have rocks, water features like fountains, mini waterfalls, ponds. Anything is possible. Where there is demand, and of course money, there will be supply.

While these instant gardens are nice, they seem to look too artificial and sterile for my liking, especially if it's an outdoor garden. I guess it also depends on the choice of plants, shrubs or trees one chooses. Those that I see around my neighbourhood tend to look too 'clean' somehow.

Anyway, back to my garden. It certainly does not have the 'clean' look. The grass is uneven and unkempt. We've trimmed it a few times only so far. There are some plants in the ground and the grass around those plants are overgrown. After mowing the open sections, we didn't complete the job by trimming by hand around the plants...

Rusty is also a regular contributor to the 'crazy garden' look. He's made a row of flowering bushes his play pen (just like how kids love tumbling and rolling about in a pen filled with colourful plastic balls). He's chewed off the tips of some plants. He's 'plucked' some flowers and decorated himself with them. He's uprooted small flowering plants too. Sigh. We tried fencing up the plants, only to make them look 'imprisoned' but they are still not safe from Rusty lifting his leg and watering them with urea-based 'fertiliser'. Sigh...

A garden planted by your own hands, with your own sweat and toil is more satisfying and rewarding in the long run in my opinion. It is a labour of love, a hobby, a pastime that teaches you new things. These past few days, I've started to work on the garden again. I guess if I'm hardworking and patient enough, the garden should look the way I want it to someday.

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