Friday, January 8, 2010


It appears that even technology is not exempted from hiccups. Our desktop computer failed to power up two days ago just when I needed to check on a few important email. At first I thought the electrical connections were loose or something, so I crawled under the table, checked out all the switches and plugs, tested them but still nothing changed. It looked like the computer just died overnight without any warning, like a sudden cardiac arrest!

Since we are not computer hardware repair experts, we've got to take it out for someone to take a look. And since I'm not the techie around the house, we'll have to wait for E to do that, probably over the weekend hopefully, or whenever he is free enough.

I'm using E's office notebook right now and learning to get used to using a notebook, the reason being that we just got a new notebook as an alternate to the desktop (E is setting it up right now). This would give me the option of having computer access in any part of our home other than the third floor where the desktop is.

All this while, I've not really enjoyed using a notebook due to the limited screen size and keyboard space (read failing eyesight and clumsy fingers!) but I guess there's no escaping since notebooks are such a norm these days with the convenience it brings.

In general, I like wide, open spaces - be it on computers, indoor and outdoor living, public places, practically with anywhere I'm at and anything I use I guess! Gimme an open park anytime instead of a crowded mall, or a long stretch of quiet beach instead of a strip of busy street....

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