Monday, January 11, 2010

School traffic headache

The first week of school came and went with little fanfare except for the horrendous traffic jam around the school area due to the many anxious parents of Year 1 pupils hanging around and parking everywhere. They have yet to familiarise themselves with the 'special' traffic system set up by the school and residents of the housing area where the school is situated. To make things worse, this housing area is an old one, with narrow roads and bungalow houses on both sides of the steep slope. Imagine trying to manoeuvre your car downhill or uphill squeezing between cars parked on both sides of the road.

Or even more challenging, parking your car on the steep slope bumper to bumper with other cars or trying to get out of the slope when your car is squeezed bumper to bumper between two cars....or worse than worst, not being able to find any parking and being forced to queue from the bottom of the hill, inching your way to the school entrance, waiting for your turn to arrive at the gate for the teacher on duty to notice the placard on your dashboard displaying your child's name, hollering out the name via a hailer for your kid to climb into the car....

Top that with the 'exemplary' attitudes of Malaysian drivers and kiasu parents who want to be first in line, cut queue or get the choice parking spot to be the quickest in getting their kid out of school during dismissal. Major stress and headache.

Today, the first day of the second week, the traffic doesn't seem too bad, almost back to normal. I hope it'll be better in the weeks to come once new parents, kiasu parents, and Malaysian-style driving find an equilibrium somehow.

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