Monday, January 4, 2010

MegaZip at Sentosa Island

I'm too tired and lazy to write another long-winded account to continue my story of our holiday in Singapore so here are some photos and links of our MegaZip adventure in Sentosa.

As we were walking around Siloso Beach, we came across the ticketing booth for the MegaZip. The MegaZip is the thrilling flying fox that zips you all the way from the top of Imbiah Point down to a landing off the beach. Get a virtual tour here.

After checking out the age requirements, we found out that C qualified and she was very excited, suggesting that we experience it. So after paying, we went back up to the Megazip take-off point at Imbiah on their complimentary shuttle. There, we queued for our turn to get harnessed up, climbed up the tower (that took a long time because there were many people waiting in line).

Finally, it was our turn and it was indeed a very thrilling 'flight' 75 metres high and 450 metres long, all the way down past the the tree tops and across the sea. It was indeed an adrenaline pumping experience!

Actually, at the MegaZip Adventure Park, they also have the ClimbMax High Ropes (like tightrope walking) and the Paramax Jump (vertical jump from the top) but C is still either too light or too young for those two.

All the way down:

Some guys on their way down:

A&C just before take-off, C was too light to go on her own so we had to fly tandem:

C & E all harnessed up:


Allison said...

hi can i noe how much are the tickets for the megazip? do they sell the tix for flying fox, rope climbing etc separately or is it an all in tix? thanks

Anna said...

Hi Allison
This is their pricing according to their website: