Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas tree

We put up our Christmas tree considerably early this year compared to the past few years. Last Sunday afternoon, ACE decorated the tree with whatever existing trimmings we had. We also have two strings of lights. After checking, one was not working. Most likely one of the bulbs blew and we didn't have a spare.

That's the problem with such lights. If one bulb blows, the rest along the line can't light up. So we used one string of bulbs. And the option to make them blink is out -- I think the relevant bulb is also not working or something. Beats me when it comes to tech stuff. When lit, the tree is not as bright but it would suffice I guess.

We turn on the lights for a short while at night and turn them off before going to bed or when I think we've had enough of lights for that evening.

Our tree

Also, this is for safety reasons as I've heard about Christmas lights getting on fire. Coincidentally I received this piece in my email today.

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