Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Last week of school

This week is the last week of school for 2009! I'm so happy that starting next week, Caitlin and I don't have to wake up at 6 a.m. on weekdays! Maybe Eugene also can wake up a bit later as he doesn't need to send Caitlin to school before heading to his office. But the dilemma is what I'm going to do with Caitlin. How to keep her occupied and out of my hair while I do the household chores and spend time on the computer? She'll probably want to use the computer too, and want my attention when it comes to playing, especially board games....and she has rather short attention span and is a pretty impatient girl. Books can keep her occupied but once she starts reading a book, she won't put it down. She can finish a book like Geronimo Stilton in less than an hour. This means I need to have a big stack ready....but one thing good is she'll re-read them many times over so hopefully she'll do that when she runs out of things to do.

She needs to practise more intensively this week for her drum exam which will take place next Tuesday. Hopefully, she will remember to play in the right tempo and expression. She is over-confident with her playing and tends to get carried away and plays too fast, and as a result, makes mistakes and ignores when she should be playing loud or soft or crescendo etc.

I've not made any structured plans to keep her occupied unlike some mothers. They are so hardworking that they'll plan a timetable with lots of entertaining and educational activities to occupy their kids during the holidays. And they'll sit down together with the kids to do all the activities like puzzle books, art and craft, computer-based learning, reading, games etc. I'm getting lazier over the years.

Other moms will look out for holiday programmes offered by all those expensive enrichment centres and enrol their kids there to keep them occupied and learn something. That's the easy and expensive way out. These exnrichment centres make extra income during school holidays. They know that parents are willing to pay any amount for their kids' benefit. Actually, some of the programmes they offer can be easily duplicated at home if you are hardworking enough to source for the info and materials yourself, especially from the Internet, and sacrifice your personal time to spend with and homeschool your kids. That's a better way I believe although some parents may argue that they are working, they are not experts in certain subjects etc. Whatever it is, to each their own I guess. We need to only bear in mind that our kids get a balanced, fun and healthy lifestyle during the holidays.


mumsgather said...

Here's to waking up late. High 5! hahaha.

Harum said...

Would be great to bring a child to an orphanage or old folks home nearby or visit an ageing relative. She will learn that life is not all rosy and people who are in better station in life should reach out to others in need. What do you think? I am planning to bring my nephew and nieces to visit an aunt in an old folks home this hol.

Anna said...

Yes, Harum, agree with you. That idea has been at the back of my mind for some years now. Need to put in more thought to make sure the right values are projected in addition to the lesson that there are less fortunate ones around us.