Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Good mind, bad mind

Caitlin was rather chatty at dinnertime today, telling numerous stories about school and her activities, sharing opinions and ideas. In the course of the conversation she used the word 'poophead'.

I seldom hear that particular word but it struck me as an alternative to "sh*thead" that people in general often use. So I asked her how and where she got that word from. Her reply was very simple, spontaneous and glib.

"I made it up myself. No, I didn't read it in any book or hear it in the TV. It's just the bad side of my mind that came up with it. The bad side infected the good side of my mind. The left side of my mind is the good side, the God side. The right side of my mind is the bad side, the Devil side...."

Aiyo, there goes my 'loyar buruk' again....

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