Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First few days of long holiday

School officially ended last Friday although Caitlin skipped school that day. Her school was having 'gotong royong' on that day to clean the classrooms etc and since she was having slight runny nose and also gets into sneezing fits when she's in a dusty environment, I decided to keep her out of school.

Saturday was a rather slow start to the school holidays. We woke up late and I made frendch toast for breakfast. After doing some stuff around the house, we went out to lunch, hoping to catch the last day of the Isetan and Jusco sale to get some Christmas pressies for family. Caitlin likes to go to Jusco to play at the children's amusement place. It's a place where parents' money gets wasted in my opinion. Upon arrival at the mall, we had lunch first, then we headed to Isetan despite constant grumbles from C as she wanted to go to Jusco first. The grumbles got louder and louder and more annoying so after 15 minutes in Isetan and not having the freedom to shop around, we decided to head to Jusco. Managed to get a few presents in Jusco while Caitlin satisfied her craving at the amusement place.

Sunday morning saw me giving Rusty a much-needed bath. Caitlin offered to help because I said Rusty is actually her dog. But as usual, her helping was just a few minutes of holding the hose, getting some shampoo on her hands and rubbing his body a few times, and screaming everytime Rusty shakes.

After lunch, Caitlin and I headed to a friend's house for a birthday party. It was a chef's hat and cupcake decorating party for my friend's 6-year-old daughter. It was an all-girl party i.e. very manageable with 12-13 kids, minus the kungfu fighting type of rowdiness you tend to get with boys around. The girls in their pretty dresses just sat quietly drawing paterns, pictures, sticking stickers and glitter glue on the paper hat, no fights for the art materials etc. They then wore their hats and decorated cupcakes.

Yesterday (Monday), we went out to lunch before doing some grocery shopping. Then in the evening, Caitlin had her last drum lesson before her exam later today at noon.

I'm planning to take it easy today so that we're not too stressed out before her exam. After that, we'll head to lunch somewhere near the exam place. In the evening, she has her usual weekly art class. That leaves me free for two hours. I'll most likely visit the farmer's market nearby and pack some dinner from there. Hopefully it doesn't rain.

That's how the school holiday has been for us so far. I have to remind myself to go to school and get her school books for next year soon.


mumsgather said...

Do let us know how the drums exams went.

Anna said...

MG, the result should be out in a month's time. At dinner, C told me she asked the examiner if she will get a distinction. My jaw almost dropped....It seems he replied smilingly with a "maybe". Ha ha...