Thursday, November 12, 2009

The boring subject of weather (continued)

I posted the earlier post this afternoon while seated at the waiting area of Caitlin's school. School dismisses at 2.35pm and I was there at 1.50pm i.e. 45 minutes early. These days, I prefer to get there earlier before it starts to pour. By going earlier, I also get a better chance to get a spot to park my car along the roadside nearer to the school entrance.

The school has a queue system for cars whereby we can queue and drive up to the school gate and display a placard with our child/children's name for the teacher on duty to call them out and they hop into the car when it's our turn. But that takes a very long time because sometimes the kids belonging to cars in front of us come out of their classrooms later or slower than mine. And some parents plus transporters are so kiasu that they want to be first in line, so they arrive at school 1.5 to 2 hours before dismissal, and park their car in line already.

Parents like me who don't want to get caught waiting for ages in line to pick up our kids will therefore park further down the road, walk up the steep slope and meet the kids at the waiting area and walk them back to the car. I get my daily exercise walking up the slope but that kind of puts a strain to my bad knee.

Sometimes, a mother of Caitlin's classmate gets there early around the same time as me so we chat. Today, I was extra early and I didn't bring any reading material with me so I decided to meddle with my mobile phone and check email, Facebook and finally decided to blog a bit. Blogging using my mobile phone is tedious and the connection is slow. And my mobile phone is not the type which has extra large screen or the qwerty keypad. Hence, the rather disjointed and abruptly ended post below.

Back to the weather. It looks like globally, the weather patterns have changed. Typhoons, floods, droughts etc seem to be more frequent and threatening. I remember years ago when the year-end monsoon season started only in December. Now, it's raining everyday heavily and continuously, causing floods in the northern states of Kedah, Kelantan and Trengganu. In the Klang Valley, flash floods and landslides threaten cars and commuters during peak traffic hours and houses, and high-rise apartments built on hillslopes are at risk....

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