Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend meals

We usually eat out or 'tah pau' (Chinese for 'takeaway') on weekends. Last weekend we splurged on lunch at Bubba Gump Restaurant (the second time this year on guess who's request) at Sunway Pyramid.

C had the Kid's Meal of fish and chips which came served in a paper boat lined with pseudo newspaper for the fish and chips and dessert of blue jello. I personally didn't like the colour of the jello, maybe it was to go with the 'sea' theme. The jello was actually agar-agar. There was also one slice of orange (it was sour). The fish and chips tasted all right (if they can't even get this basic right, the paper boat would surely sink). For her drink, she wanted the raspberry smoothie (nice, just the right level of sweetness and consistency of the liquid) which I shared with her.

I ordered the grilled barramundi with shrimps in creamy sauce, on mashed potatoes with thin slivers of nachos. I like it as the fish was properly marinated. The mash was also well done, and the slivers of nachos embedded inside gave a nice crunch to what is usually plain boring mash.

E had the baked seafood rice. It was topped with cheesy cream. The serving was a bit much that it made you feel slightly sick once you've had too much of all that creamy sauce.

Some pics of the decor at Bubba Gump:
An unique sink to wash your hands
All sorts of hot chilli sauce
Waiter's attention not required
Waiter's attention needed
Well said
I agree

This weekend, for dinner tonight, we checked out a Chinese restaurant in Puchong. Found out about it in Flavour's (foodie mag) food guide. It's called Restoran Kepala Ikan Jalan Lima (Road Five Fish Head Restaurant). According to the food guide, this place was inspired by the famous and popular steamed fish head place in Jalan Sungai Besi.

Their specialty is various types of freshwater fish heads (actually it's the head plus neck and part of the belly area) cooked in several ways - ginger paste, black bean sauce, curry, assam.... We ordered the black bean sauce version. It was good, fish was fresh and the flesh was soft and smooth, not overcooked. The sauce was a bit too thick for our liking. They usually add some fresh chilli into the sauce but since C can't take even the slightest tinge of spice, we requested them to leave out the chilli. Thus, the gravy became a bit too sweet and was less aromatic.

We also had tofu on hot plate. It was on the whole tasty. I would have preferred it if there was more of the mince meat mushroom gravy and the raw egg (which eventually got cooked from the heat of the hot plate) was cracked in the middle of the hot plate and not at the side. Another thing which I didn't like about the hot plate dish was that they provided a plastic-handled ladle which melted slightly at the point of contact with the hot plate (a health hazard).

For drinks, we had old-fashioned Chinese tea while C had plain water.

Our vege dish was stir fried celery, one of C's favourites.

If there were more people eating with us, we could have tried the ginger paste fish, their pandan claypot chicken (recommended by the food guide) and their crabs (which I noticed quite a number of other tables having). The bill came to RM43.70. RM18 for the fish, RM12 for the tofu and RM8 for the celery. Miscellaneous charges were for the tea, plain water and three plates of white rice. Okay pricing in my opinion.

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