Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wedding mini 'vacation'

I am currently sitting in a room in Cyberview Lodge. I think this is my first time staying in a hotel room that comes equipped with a desktop computer with internet access. Other hotel rooms I've stayed in have internet access but no computer. I'm sure there are many hotel rooms that provide computer these days, it's just that I seldom stay in hotel rooms....

We're spending the night here just for a one-night weekend break. E's ex-colleague had her wedding here tonight so we took the opportunity (to spend money we didn't budget for!) to take a weekend break from the routine. Caitlin's school exams ended on Thursday, and we needed a break. After checking in, I went for a massage and facial at the spa while E and C waited for the rain to stop before going swimming.

I was hoping for the wedding to be a garden one. I've dreamt of garden weddings, (even for mine!) but this wedding wasn't one. They had it in the ballroom, a typical Chinese wedding dinner, although the garden area leading to the ballroom was decorated with flower arches and cocktail tables and chairs. As usual, dinner started late. That's one thing I never ever will understand and accept about typical Chinese wedding dinners. That's one of the reasons why E and I didn't have one.

The food is nothing to shout about, being typical hotel wedding fare. Although I don't mean any offence to the bridal couple (they seem like a wonderful, lively pair), the dinner was like any other i.e. start late, show slides of couple from baby, childhood, schooldays to adulthood and when they got together, slides of professionally-taken wedding photos, then the 'champagne' pouring, cake cutting and yam seng. And oh, they had live singers using minus-one accompaniment. One lady was frequently off-key....The decor, however, was nice.

C and I left after the fifth course. C was very tired and sleepy (after the swimming and feeling bored waiting, slow pace of the programme, actually I was bored too, the small talk was not stimulating enough). She was getting grouchy despite occupying herself with two brand new paperbacks. So we left E and took a short buggy ride back to our room. We could have walked but the buggy ride was a better way to get C back into better spirits to get her ready and cooperative for bed. She's now in dreamland and I'm still waiting for E to return. Finally got him after 3 calls. He got carried away catching up with ex-colleagues, didn't hear the phone ring and forgot to inform me....(what's new-lah,right?)

Anyway, sitting here in front of the computer is not making this one-night holiday any different from being at home and the effects of the massage I got this afternoon is wearing off by sitting here, so I'm shutting down the pc now and going to bed.

Hopefully breakfast and maybe a swim in the pool tomorrow will make up for the boring evening.

Poor Rusty, however, is spending tonight boarded at a pet shop where he's getting groomed tomorrow before we pick him up.

Now E is back with one flower arrangement from the wedding which the bride told him to take since she had paid for it. The florist bill amounted to RM12K.


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