Thursday, September 24, 2009

The week that was

Another week has flown by. Life is very routine these days. Last weekend we tried out the Black & Decker handheld grass trimmer that JK passed on to us since he no longer has any grass at his house. Had a wrist-straining time sweeping up the grass. Imagine what it'd be like if we had a larger garden.

I got some cheap colourful flowering plants to grow in a few planter boxes. They currently sit alongside the dividing wall, and fit right into the drain but still allow water to flow underneath it. So they act like drain covers. Reason for putting them there is also that it's the only place 'behind bars' (dog-proof fencing) where Rusty can't reach and destroy. It makes a lot of difference to have plants and flowers around the house. It lights up the view when I look outside, instead of just green (uneven) and boring grass.

Next, I need to 'design' the garden further with pebbles, rocks and stepping stones and fill up an earthern tub with water, water plants and cheap fish (to eat the slime and mosquito larvae). This should make up for Caitlin's idea of a pond in the garden! The only worry I have with the pebbles and water tub is Mr Mischievous who would most likely pick up the pebbles and attempt to chew them (and hopefully not choke on them), leaving them strewn about, and pick the water plants out of the tub to have a game of tug-of-war.

Last weekend was the long Hari Raya weekend break. C and E joined JK, Ee Ling and Ryan for a visit to the zoo. While they were out, I spent the entire morning (3 hours) giving Rusty a fur trim and bath. He looks less scruffy and neater now. I have yet to gain experience like the pro groomers in making him look handsome. The rest of the 4 days of holidays were spent around the house, doing the usual boring stuff.

This morning I revised 'sit' and 'lie down' with Rusty. I also taught him 'shake hand' and he picked it up quite quickly within 20 minutes. 'Stay' is revised on a daily basis to prevent him from dashing out the gate when we open it to go out. However, I've yet to be successful in getting him to 'stay' while I'm inside the car driving out. Apart from the occasional accidental escapes, he only runs out when I open the gate to drive in upon returning from school every afternoon. His routine is: dash out, go to the lamp post, mark his territory, hear me calling him and see me opening the car door, then jump into the car. He gets a very short car ride from gate to car porch. After I get out of the car, he has to be coaxed to get out. Why do dogs love car rides?

Since my Nokia phone has been out of commission, my photo-taking has reduced very much despite having a new phone with a higher quality camera. It's to do with the delay in getting a cable to link it to the computer to load the pics. Now that I've finally got the cable, I've yet to figure out how to use it. Hence, less photos in this blog for the time being. We have a camera but I find it less convenient, having to remove the memory card, plugging it into our printer/scanner and loading the pics into the computer. Plus the camera is bulky and not within immediate reach during spontaneous moments.

Another week and October will be here. That means planning for Caitlin's birthday party. She's turning seven i.e planning her birthday for the seventh time. I would like to retire this year and leave all the planning and organising to E. I wonder if that's possible.... being the perfectionist that I am, I have little faith that E (being the laid back guy he is) can pull things off ahead of time.... She has been excited about it since last month (August!) and is currently spreading verbal invitations to her classmates about it. Her school year-end exam will be in mid-Oct, ending one week before her birthday in end-Oct.

Somehow I look forward more to celebrating Rusty's first birthday on 1st November....maybe a new toy for him to throw about and chew on....

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