Friday, September 11, 2009

This is the country I was born and bred in

After five long months of waiting for a phone line and living without a telephone in my house, I finally got a line. Just a phone line. It can be connected to broadband Internet but I have yet to get that. It's a mystery how the phone company works.

The people there appear half-baked to me so their work is half-cooked I conclude. Although the phone line and internet line application is within the same form and submitted to the same service centre, the people processing the application and installation are separate as I have found out.

I got the phone line the very next day after paying the deposit and relevant charges. But meanwhile, in the span of one hour while I was grocery shopping, I got three calls from three different people from the same Internet processing/installation dept, requesting for the same info despite me having indicated everything in the form.

And the icing on the cake is the next day after patiently entertaining the 3 people (or shall I call them some other derogatory names?), one of them calls and tells me the package I want (highest speed broadband) is not available due to not available ports at my area (??!!) and asks me to take the slower speed package that is available. Otherwise, I have to wait. So then I ask how long do I have to wait. The reply came as "I don't know, I will check and call you back..." And that's the last I heard from them so far.

I've had similar experiences with service-related people at the bank, post office etc this week. It took me one hour just to get a replacement ATM card simply because the girl at the counter I was called to was a freshie and fumbling about (one colleague didn't even know her name!). After one step of work, she tells me to sit down while she consults her senior officer. Then after another step, she says sit down again. Then it went on that way for another time before I finally got the ATM card. She didn't even tell me what I had to do to activate the card, or to change the PIN number, or to re-activate my internet banking access using the ATM card etc etc....

And in all my dealings with these people, I had to speak Bahasa Malaysia. Otherwise, they'd give me a blank stare, or reply in BM although I spoke in English to them. Luckily I can speak BM well. I empathise with those who can't speak BM well or at all. They will have a worse time getting things they want.

So, the Education Ministry says the teaching of Maths and Science will be reverted back to Bahasa Malaysia in 2012. Hurray....Where are we heading? While I acknowledge that it is good for all Malaysians to know and speak the country's language well, what good will it do for the country and its people globally? We are not like Germany or other European countries who have become so advanced that German, French etc are recognised internationally or at least regionally....

And this issue is just one of the comedies playing on the Malaysian screen. There are others, especially on the political arena but I don't talk politics in my blogs or elsewhere.

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Time to consider moving out Anna : )