Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Part Two of "This is the country"...

and is it the end of the story, I wonder.

I had complained in an earlier post about the frustrating ordeal we've been having with our phone and internet service provider. The last was that they requested us to take the lower speed internet package if we didn't want to wait for the availability of the higher speed one that we wanted. And the ball was then left on their court to tell me how long I'd have to wait to get the package of our choice.

Two days later after that phone conversation with them, the internet installer called while I was out. Eugene took the call. The techinician said he had been instructed to install for us the lower speed package. Without any inkling (I remember updating him, but that's another issue...) to the status of my dealings with them (i.e. they were to tell me how long the wait was before I decided whether to accept their 'offer' of the lower speed package), he agreed to getting it installed.

So now I'm accessing the Internet via our newest lower-than-desired speed. Despite that, I'm relieved that we finally could put a tick to this item on our to-do list and be contented with availability of the internet.

I thought I'd never hear from them again but surprise, surprise, I got a call from yet another girl from the internet service provider. Here's the conversation.

Caller: Ms Tham, I'm calling to inform you that your application for Stxxxx service has been approved. You are getting the 1MB package.

Me: What? What do you mean approved? I already got it installed.

Caller: I mean your application is approved....

Me: Your technician came on Saturday and installed it already. (hellooo, blur case, duh...!!!)

Caller: For which phone number? Is it xxxxxxxx? Oh, let me see....was it Mr XXX that installed it?

Me: Yes I guess so, I didn't get his name...a Chinese guy.

Caller: Oh, ok then.

Me: But hey, since the internet was installed, the clarity of my phone is bad. There's lots of static when I talk on the phone. Can you send a technician to check?

Caller: Ok, ok, we'll look into it.... (end of conversation)

Now, tell me, is this a real comedy or what? The first two months after we made our application, I was very gung-ho in chasing them. Assertive to the point of almost successfully drawing blood out of stone. The next two months, I gave up. The last month, I said "que sera, sera" and voila, they f-i-i-i-nally installed everything. During the week between their call to say we got it, me spending one hour at their outlet to make the relevant installation payments and them arriving at our home to install it, I was getting somewhat worked up again by their inefficiency and stupidity.

And after their latest call this afternoon as described above, I could only sigh, shake my head and think of this service provider as "mo tuck kow" (Cantonese for "cannot be saved" or no-hoper). I've expended all my frustration on this so much so that it's just water off my back now.

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mumsgather said...

walaueh. really mo tak kau. *shake head*