Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fat vs. handsome

Caitlin's teachers change the children's seating positions every now and then, mainly because some misbehave or are too talkative with the others nearby. The boys get switched more because they are usually the ones who are naughty or noisy. Another boy is now sitting beside Caitlin. According to her, he is the fattest boy in class (I believe he is just on the plump side and probably the 'fattest' but not the fat, obese type).

After school today, she told me that her sock and pinafore got wet when someone accidentally knocked his water tumbler over, spilling some water on her. When I asked her who it was, she said it was the boy sitting beside her. And she went on to say again that he is the fattest boy. Then she added, "I don't like fat boys, I only like handsome boys. But if the fat boy is handsome, then it's okay. Then, I'll marry him."


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