Tuesday, September 1, 2009

At home

It looks like it will be another week before Caitlin goes back to school. Although her chicken pox is more or less status quo (no new additions to her relatively sparse spots and no fever etc), with most already crusted up, we decided to keep her away from school this week. We don't want to risk getting blamed by other parents for infecting their children and adding to their concerns with all that's going on right now regarding H1N1 and their apprehension of sending their kids to school because of it.

This means not being able to go out as I usually would for groceries and errands and whatever that requires my going out will have to wait since there's no one else besides me to stay home to watch her or keep her company if I were to go out and leave her at home. I'm hoping to be able to collect all the schoolwork that she's missing this week via 'remote control' since it doesn't make sense for me to drag her along to school to see her teachers to get info about homework. Unfortunately Caitlin's school is relatively small and 'simple' and unlike some other more profit-oriented and richer private schools that have websites and secure sites for parents to log in to get info about daily schoolwork, and updates about their kids' performance. In fact, some Chinese schools here also have that system in place, thanks to all the donations they collect from parents I believe.

We are two weeks away from handing over our apartment keys to our tenants. My dad helped give the place a new coat of paint and it looks fresher and 'cleaner' compared to other rental units. Am grateful for dad's help. He did it bit by bit over a few months every time he came up to KL to visit us. We're halfway furnishing the place with our old but still functional and usable furniture and appliances and I've got new beds and mattresses for the rooms.

Our tenants will be three medical students. The main tenant appears to be a rather pampered boy whose parents we are signing the rental contract with, who came to view the place (minus the son) and almost instantly liked it for its fresh and clean look and feel, who are obviously very concerned to the minutest detail of the condition of their son's place of accommodation. The mother even mentioned her future intention of bringing her maid all the way from JB/Singapore (they live, work there)to help clean the apartment for their son! And I'll have to give him my carpark lot as he will have a car to drive around although his campus is just five minutes walking distance and the LRT station is 10 minutes away. Well, I've a lot to say about this if I were to compare myself during my time as an undergrad and other less privileged children's experiences living away from home in pursuit of higher education! But I don't have the time now.

It's time to check on the kid who has been watching loads of TV this morning and feed her lunch.

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