Monday, September 7, 2009


Caitlin came home from school this afternoon with a sheet with lyrics of a song titled "This is my country". When I read the lyrics, they didn't sound familiar to me. A new patriotic song? As we were too busy with homework, I didn't want to distract her by asking what the song sounded like. Now that she's asleep, I decided to search for the song in YouTube and as expected, I found it there.

Apparently, this song is to be sung at 9am on 9th September, a tribute to the present King, an event that aims to promote "oneness", probably in line with the present PM's call for "1Malaysia"....I guess Caitlin's school is probably taking part and all the kids will be singing it at 9am in their classroom or wherever in school on 9th Sept....

The site for more info about this event is here and I personally am not too impressed with the site and the event's aim to be yet another "Malaysia Boleh" achievement, getting into the Malaysia Book of Records....

This is what the song sounds like:

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