Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekly updates now

It looks like I've been rather slow in blogging lately. A weekly update pattern seems to be forming here. It's a combination of the weather, all the bad news in the media I keep getting everyday, and the toxins in my body probably that is sapping my energy, not to mention having Caitlin at home the entire week last week.

Caitlin is back to school today and I'm keeping my fingers crossed things are getting better at school where the viral fever situation is concerned. This week is the last week before school closes for a one-week break.

Life has been very boring and routine lately. There's still much to do to get the house in order. Many things are still strewn about, especially on the third floor. I've resigned myself to the fact that clutter is something I have to live. This family somehow has the hbait of accumulating and abandoning. Anywhere that has a flat surface, including the floor, there must be stuff on it. Stuff that at one moment is acquired on the impulse that it is needed but very soon abandoned because it has been forgotten.

Our home is a cleaner's nightmare. So I have given up on cleaning. The house gets a little cleaner when the part-time cleaners come and do their once-over vacuum-mop job once a week. Even after that, not the entire house is cleaned because there's not enough time to clean all three floors for what I pay them.

Lack of financial resources, no motivation and laziness has crept in too. If we were gung-ho all the way, I'm sure the house would be closer to a page out of an interior design magazine. So if any of you come for a visit, please don't mind the mess and clutter. And don't open any cabinets. We may have temporarily stashed the mess in some of them too in anticipation of your visit! Ha ha.

If it were up to me, I'd throw away a lot of stuff, especially those that have been lying around untouched for years. as for stuff that are still usable, I'd give to charity and upgrade to newer, more practical ones that cater to present needs more appropriately. But my hands are tied. Sentimental values and emotional attachments which I sometimes don't understand seem to take priority over practicality. I'm a practical person when it comes to material things so I sometimes don't get why we need to hang on to certain things that we have not looked at or touched for 10 years.

Okay, I guess this can go on if I were to grumble and rationalise further. I need to get ready to run errands on my way to school to fetch Caitlin.

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