Thursday, August 27, 2009

Port Dickson, sandflies and GPS

Last Thursday, we went to Port Dickson to spend one afternoon,night and morning (in other words, 24 hours) at the PD Yacht Club for Caitlin to play on the beach, swim in the sea and pool, and spend time with her cousins Sarah and Mark, uncle Tom and aunty Jo, and grandpa and grandma. They had loads of fun making sand castles on the beach, swimming, and playing at the playground.

We, however, didn't realise that the beach had lots of sandlfies so some of us got bitten. I haven't had sandfly bites for ages and this time, I got about 10 years' worth (50 bites to be exact, and yes, I counted every single one). It's been a week and my legs, arms, and back (was wearing swimsuit when 'frolicking' on the sand!)are still itching terribly. The bites are worse than mozzie bites, many times itchier and red and the scars will probably remain for a long time.

After lunch at Seaview Restaurant (the food was nothing to shout about but we were all very hungry!), we decided to take the road less traveled i.e. the trunk road from PD to go to my parents home in Seremban. Indeed, we did take the road less traveled. Our GPS was set to bring us to our destination via the shortest we went through some 'kampungs' (villages) along the way, and these are really the kampungs with narrow roads, Malay kampung houses.....until we reached a dead end!! We did wonder if the GPS was right (GPS fans, but not me, do swear on them and trust their lives to them!) but decided to be adventurous enough to see where the device would take us!

Actually when we followed the GPS to get to Seaview Restaurant, it also took us through a kampung, a convoluted route which got us wondering if the restaurant was located in the kampung...

Caitlin was oblivious to our PD-Seremban 'adventure' as she was too engrossed with the bagful of books she had with her, reading non-stop. We even tried to show her kampung houses, and all the various trees - banana trees, durian trees, coconut trees, trees with lots of flowers, colourful Chinese and Indian temples, Malay kampung houses on stilts...but her books were just too interesting, although she was reading them for the Nth time. It was only when the journey started to feel longer than it should to her that she started asking why it was taking so long.

So the usual half-hour drive via highway from PD to Seremban became an almost one-hour journey via the old roads and kampungs. We finally found our way back to the main trunk road and reached my parents' home safely.

And.... Eugene reset his GPS to take us to our destinations in the shortest TIME, instead of route.

Will post some pictures once I manage to locate the camera and upload the pics...

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Brian and I'Ching Thomas said...

Sandflu bites are the worst! I had to take oral meds the last time I had them to ease the itch! Get well soon!