Wednesday, August 19, 2009


When I read this, it reiterated to me once again why this country is in its current shape and how much I fear for the education of our children. It made me feel like puking reading all those badly translated exam questions. For example:

Diagram 8 shows the Pravina’s twelfth birthday. Her brother borns 3 years 6 months after Pravina borned. What is the age of her brother at 7th January 2014.

Diagram 10 shows the mass of a packet of flour. The flour is fill in three containers. First container fill in with 3.98 kg of flour. The rest of the flour in second and third container. Which of the flowing mass is for second and third container?

Bar chart in diagram 16 shows the number of events won by Red Spout in Annual Sport. Table 4 shows the mark of each places. Calculate the total mark of Red Sport in Annual sport.

For those who cannot afford international schools and overseas education, there is a lot we need to do ourselves if we want our kids to be properly educated. Homeschooling looks like a good alternative. However, it takes a lot of courage and patience to jump in, especially in an environment and country where homeschooling is not the norm.

I'm satisfied with Caitlin's school for now since its only primary school and her first year. While it has to follow the Malaysian school syllabus, there are some subjects that are supplemented with Singaporean and American syllabi. In the meantime, keeping alert to the well-rounded needs of the child is still in priority. I'm of the opinion that a string of A's in academic subjects does not make a clever or successful child.

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mumsgather said...

I didn't read that article. Thanks for pointing it out. The errors are leave me speechless!