Saturday, July 25, 2009


I had a short casual conversation with Caitlin's teacher recently. This was a follow-up from an earlier conversation where I told her about a boy in her class who is a bully. The conversation veered towards parents and their values in general. She said that sometimes it's hard for teachers to correct their students when their parents themselves don't view the need for correction or share the same values which we sometimes take for granted as universal among decent human beings.

She cited an example where a boy was caught copying. When the school highlighted it to his parents, they got this reply: It's no big deal. This is from a boy whose parents are both doctors. Another case was where a boy had said bad words. When the parents were told about it, the reply was: It's okay, those are very common words these days.

So who's to blame for the current deterioration in morals and values in society in general?

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