Sunday, July 19, 2009

A taste of my own medicine?

We needed to get some shelving units for storage purposes and since Ikea has just started its sale, Eugene left after breakfast this morning to try and beat the crowd to get what we need. Meanwhile, I took Caitlin to Sunday School and thereafter we had a mother-daughter lunch of unhealthy fast food (Caitlin's choice) at a nearby mall. She was in luck as the kid's meal came with the Ice Age 3 toy character.

We then headed to a departmental store in the mall to shop for her cousin's birthday present. She also managed to squeeze me into getting her something. And on the way back to the car, we went past a bookstore and she ended up with a book.

On the way home, I said teasingly that she always gets something when we go out while I don't get anything at all. And she said, "At least you have what you need."

So I asked, "Like what?" And she said, "Like food and water..."

Although I was only teasing, it sounds like her reasoning was a slap back at me for all the times when I tell her not to compare herself with others who have the things she wants but to think of others who have less than her and to be thankful for what she already has!

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