Thursday, July 16, 2009

Internet at the new house

Since moving to this new house on March 7, I had been going back to our old home about 5km away about twice weekly to use the computer. This was because our telco provider has exhausted all the ports/cables whatchamacallits allocated for our new housing area despite the fact that occupancy rate is currently probably around 80%. One would assume that they would have allocated enough phone lines for all homes here which number only 345 units compared to larger housing areas with thousands of houses. So it's been four months now that we've been waiting for a fixed line which also serves as the line for Internet access. We first applied for it through an agent a week after moving in and two months later, we applied for another line directly from the service provider. Till today, both lines have yet to reach our doorstep. Earlier on, I kept calling every now and then to check on status but after the second month of waiting, I gave up.

As for wireless Internet servicce by the various private telcos and ISPs, none of their services were reliable in this new housing area and even the latest, hottest provider P1 Wimax has yet to provide coverage here. Finally, the one that Eugene works for has provided coverage here and today, I am blogging for the first time from the new house using wireless internet. Since this morning, the connection has been good i.e. no dropped line. As for speed, although it cannot compare to the one I had at the old place, it is currently fast enough for me to do the necessary online activities, such as check email, go to some websites like my blog, others' blogs, news sites, and Facebook. I've yet to see how good it is for places like YouTube and other graphics-heavy sites.

At least now I have the computer and Internet anytime I wish and not plan my visits to the old place to coincide with running errands around that area etc. and I can put my thoughts here again as and when the inspiration arises. This blog has left out quite a lot of 'moments' of the life of ACE the past four months. I've also somewhat given up on online income since not having the computer at my disposal. Not that I was getting much in the past but the momentum just died after moving to the new place. I have been bogged down by adjusting to the new routine of getting things in order around the house and new travel routes and timing to school, extra curricular activities, grocery shopping and checking out places for food and amenities etc after moving. I also have a larger house area to attend to (3388 sq ft vs 1422 sq ft), one active, growing young dog, a small garden plus next door neighbours on both sides who are currently renovating (read dust, loud noises from drilling and demolishing walls!)

Not to mention the never-ending responsibility as driver, cook, cleaner, laundry person, homework supervisor, piano and drum practice teacher, disciplinarian, dog trainer, fish feeder, garderner. Why can't the job as a housewife, homemaker, stay-home mum, or however you may refer to it, be 9 to 5, salaried with medical and other fringe benefits like paid leave, meal and entertainment allowances etc etc.?

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