Thursday, July 23, 2009

Growing up too fast?

I check Caitlin's school bag daily to make sure she's brought all her homework home etc. Yesterday, I found a scrap of paper with a phone number and 'mum' written on it inside one of the pockets of her bag. She saw me taking it out and rushed to 'grab' it from me. She sometimes appears embarrassed when I discover some things she has done or said unexpectedly. So this conversation started.

"Whose number is this?"
"A friend's."
"What's your friend's name?"
"D". It is the boy who sits next to her in class.
"Why do you have his mum's number?"
"Because I want to have a date with him."
"Did he say he wanted to date you or was it you?"
"I told him I wanted to have a date with him."
"Did you ask for his number or he gave it to you?"
"He gave."
"Is he a good boy or a naughty boy?" (ha ha, I didn't know what else to say! Also, many boys in her class are 'naughty' i.e. noisy, talking while the teacher is teaching, one is a bully. And probably my thoughts started fast forwarding 10 years ahead when it's the hormones, boys and real dating phase)
"Sometimes only, not as naughty as some others."

I guess I shouldn't be too alarmed. I would like to think they are exploring the world of friendship.

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mumsgather said...

You should ask her. "Do you know what is her date?" I bet the answer will be very interesting. lol.