Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We felt that Caitlin needs more exercise to build up her stamina. I checked out a dance and exercise studio that is next door to her art and crafts school in our neighbourhood and found out that they have capoeira classes. We took her for a free trial lesson last Friday. She enjoyed it very much, doing all sorts of physical activities and learning some basic movements. The class has a few kids, teenagers and adults. It is the kind of physical activity I think she'd enjoy. She's always raved about martial arts like kung fu and taekwondo since her kindergarten days when she had some classmates taking those classes, and of course after watching Kung Fu Panda. She'd be making pseudo kung fu moves and play acting. And since she also loves music, I think capoeira suits her as music is an essential element in this Brazilian artform.

After the trial class, we asked her if she enjoyed herself (despite being totally tired out after the one-hour session), she said she did and wanted to return for another session. So we've signed her up for weekly lessons. We'll have to wait and see how it all works out in the larger scheme of things of getting her more active and how it'll benefit her overall physical, mental, social, etc, etc development.

YouTube has videos of capoeira.

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Norberto - Start Playing Capoeira said...

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