Monday, July 20, 2009

Caitlin's stories

Between the ages of 3+ and 5, Caitlin was making up her own stories on quite a regular basis and I used to write them down as she narrated them to me. I compiled them in a private blog which I had not read for quite a long time and just moments ago, I remembered this blog. It's amazing how time flies, how she has grown. Reading her stories gave me a glimpse into the past about what was central in her life then, her interests, the stories, cartoons, toys and TV shows she was interested in.

This was her very first story.

Annew and The Cow

One day, a cow came to Annew and said "I love you" and became friends with Annew. Then he said "bye bye" because he wanted to go some place else.

Suddenly, a tiger came and "roar" to eat the cow. A dog chased the tiger and bit him. The tiger died. The cow and Annew shouted "Hurray!" Annew gave the cow some milk and started a party.

A robo snake came. He wanted to join the party. The robo snake was stripy and fierce and had claws and sharp bones. He had sharp teeth and sharp eyes. Everybody said "Ahh! It's a robo snake!" The cow said "He has sharp claws and sharp bones. Don't touch him, everyone!"

Everybody went away. Annew and the cow went away too.

Tory the dinosaur killed the robo snake. He stomped on the robo snake. The robo snake died.

The end.

An original story told and illustrated by Caitlin on 3 Aug 2006 (age 3 years 10 months)


mumsgather said...

Oh. Quite a violent story. lol.

Anna said...

yup, she's the 'fighting' stories kind of girl...too much Powerpuff Girls and Tom & Jerry on tv I think.