Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bye bye MJ and Farrah

I'm a few days late in jumping on the MJ-Farrah-death-comment bandwagon. What was MJ to me? I am not a huge crazy fan but I liked some of his songs. And his dance moves were great. I was surprised to learn of his death when I chanced upon the breaking news on CNN as I was channel surfing last Friday morning. Another music great gone. Saying that he did impact the global music scene during his 40-odd years career is an understatement.

As far as I remember, my kid brother JK and I were first aware of MJ when he got the Grammy in 1983 if I recall correctly. We got the Grammy awards cassette compilation which included hits like Culture Club's 'Do you really wanna hurt me", and a Cyndi Lauper song which I can't remember its title right now. I think it also had MJ's Billie Jean. And JK would play that cassette every morning without fail and we were getting ready for school to the sounds of 'Beat It'. And it was every morning indeed for quite a long time after the Grammy awards heat subsided. What a way to start the day. Ha ha.

Then during my early working days in the early 90's, Black or White was a prominent feature in most clubs when some friends and I used to go out once awhile to let our hair down. And when MJ was in KL to perform, he stayed at Concorde Hotel which was right next door to the office building I worked in then. I remember the traffic outside was crazy as people were slowing down to see if they could catch a glimpse of him. And the window of ladies' washroom of my office looked out to the windows of the hotel rooms so everytime I went for a pee I'd look out the window to try my luck. I read in the papers that the suite that MJ stayed in that hotel is now named the MJ Suite.

As for Farrah Fawcett whose life was taken by anal cancer, I kinda feel the loss as she featured quite prominently in my primary school days when tv was still black and white then. My classmates and I used to love watching Charlie's Angels and we had lots of pictures of her (among other then tv and music stars) in our 'entertainment' scrapbook. In Standard Three, my classmate AMC, was the first to start a scrapbook of newspaper and magazine cutouts of pictures of these stars and the rest of us followed suit. We'd compare and check out each other's scrapbooks every now and then. Her hairstyle was "wow" and I think her iconic red swimsuit poster with her dazzling smile was regarded as scandalous then for a smalltown nine-year-old girl like me. Although she was not my favourite angel (it was Jaclyn Smith cos I thot she was the prettiest among the three), I did like her as she completed the trio.

A 1983 pic - this is how I remember MJ to be before plastic surgery changed his face.

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mumsgather said...

I went to the concert in 1996. It was the first time I did the wave in a stadium... like in a football match. ;)