Thursday, June 25, 2009

At home with Rusty and Caitlin

On quite a number of mornings this week and last, I've stayed at home longer than usual, leaving only to fetch Caitlin from school and procrastinating errands that require me to go out. Workmen have been coming in and out doing stuff that we've procrastinated (again, that word...)for some time. We finally got our backyard roofing, balcony mosquito-net door and water filtration system installed. And also, after a long delay, the developer's workman also came to patch up some cracks and rectify some other minor defects around the house.

Rusty continues to reign supreme in our front porch. Now that he's almost eight months old, he's behaving more 'grown up' and starting to mark his territory more aggressively .... anything that resembles a post will surely get one of his hind legs up. So the front porch pillar, the garden stool, my car tyres (what's with dogs and tyres?), outside lamp posts and trees belong to him. Once, I left a laundry basket outside and he happily lifted his leg there too. And one morning, as Eugene was leaving for work, he happened to leave his backpack on the ground and the next thing you know, he had to take another bag to work. Looks like 'diaper' days are back for me but instead of changing diapers, I have to keep a look out and hose down a lot more things these days. He's not put off by anti-pee repellant and my scoldings. But he is quite easily trainable. I only have to be more consistent and diligent.

He knows "sit" and learnt "lie down" in two days. Next I've to get him to "stay" which will be a challenge. Anyone who comes out the door gets an excited, hop-and-jump greeting and licks on your toes and feet. He always thinks it's playtime and is extremely delighted when he gets to play fetch. His boundless energy is pretty amazing and the uninitiated would think he's a crazy dog, rushing about, skidding around etc.

Okay, I'm starting to sound like a typical proud mum who goes on and on about her cute kid, only this time it's Rusty and not Caitlin.

Speaking of Caitlin, she is chugging along fine at school. This week, however, she's made a few complaints and in her usual "drama queen" manner declared that she "hates" everyone in school and doesn't want to go to school "forever". Firstly, it was because she got punished for the first time by a teacher for forgetting to colour some pictures in her otherwise completed homework. Next, the boys in her class were noisy and the whole class was penalised and let out a little later for lunch. Then, the boy who sits next to her has taken her hair clip and a few of her colour pencils he borrowed ransom, saying that she has to pay him 70 sen if she wants them back. Kids these days....

This Saturday is report card collection day. Hopefully, car park woes and waiting in queue to see the teacher will not be too distressing.

Caitlin finds her new Yamaha Junior Extension Course quite challenging and gets discouraged and reluctant to practise sometimes. They are learning lots more improvisation, harmony, play-by-ear and playing techniques which require more practice. I too find it challenging compared to my days at her age where piano lessons were confined to only the boring British ABRSM syllabus where focus is on technical skills and interpretation of classical pieces (that's why I think I never developed perfect pitch). She's impatient in getting things right from the beginning so when she faces something that requires patience and practice to get there, she gets put off. As for drums, she still enjoys her lessons (it's been two years now this month), likes her teacher a lot, and will be taking her Grade 1 exam later this year.

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mumsgather said...

My girl declares she dislikes school too thought not quite in the drama queen manner. Hehe.