Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rusty loves plants

Rusty has been a naughty boy this week. While he had chewed some plants before, they were bearable misdeeds but a few days ago, he decided to trample (and probably roll around) my flourishing flower bushes. So they're now all broken and that bush patch is a flattened area of broken and bent branches, wilted flowers. And all (previously only a few) of the succulent tips of my mother-in-law's tongue plants are all now jagged and chewed up. I'm amazed he didn't get sick from the poisonous sap he ingested (I discovered this plant's sap is poisonous to kids and pets only after planting them). And he's also dug up some holes in the grass, unearthing little stones which he plays with and leaves lying around on the floor.

It's obvious that he's discovered how to jump over the low fence barricading the plants. When I caught him behind the fence and yelled at him, he merely looked up with that innocent, adorable, quizzical look, fur ruffled and bits of tiny purple flowers adorning his ear....How angry can one get when presented with that picture? He was just being himself I guess, having fun bonding with nature and entertaining himself since his human playmates preferred to stay indoors and watch TV.

I gotta get a higher wire fencing now and see how I can save those poor plants. And this has been my first real attempt at gardening in my entire four decades of life...maybe I should just plant cacti all over. That'll surely teach him not to play with plants!

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