Monday, May 11, 2009

Exam and books

The mid-year exam for most schools in Malaysia is looming. Some even have completed it but most would be having it in the last two weeks before school closes for the mid-year term break beginning 30 May for two weeks. This means exams start next week.

Caitlin knows it's a 'real test' but is not bothered. She continues life as usual with nary a twitch of panic. I guess she doesn't know what she hasn't really known thus far while mum here is feeling the tension from her 17 years of exam experience. She continues enjoying all her books except her school ones. She reads in bed, in the toilet, during meals, in the car on the way to school, whenever one crosses her path around the house...and she could have already read it ten times before yet she still enjoys the same book. Leave a textbook in her path and it'll remain there for days untouched.

Caitlin is unlike me. When I was a school-going kid, I was probably every parent's dream child when it came to studies. I'd do my homework everyday immediately after returning home from school and study for tests and exams on my own, without a single pip from anyone. I was careful and checked my answers as many times as I could before time was up to hand up the paper. I'd be burning the midnight oil and cramming till kingdom come. Even at age 6+ in Primary 1, I remember taking out my textbooks and revising the day's lessons after school.

Caitlin leaves her schoolbag in the car upon reaching home, has to be coaxed, nagged and threatened to do her homework. And while she is doing her homework, she rocks her chair, doodles, plays with her stationery, destroys her eraser, tells me stories, gossips about what happened in school, and asks me to give her answers to questions in her homework which she hadn't even read or figured out by herself! And for answers which she got wrong, she refuses my help in getting it right or understanding the rationale.

As for tests, she can usually do better if not for really careless mistakes like leaving some questions unanswered, not reading the question properly and giving proper thought to the answer, making silly spelling mistakes and writing the numeral 24 in words as required by the question as 'twenty-five'! For objective questions, she finds the right answer by process of elimination (the 'kiasu' me would have worked out all the options first!) which could be risky at times.

So it's 'Kan Cheong' Mum vs Carefree Daughter these coming weeks....

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