Thursday, May 28, 2009

Childhood books

I finished The Alchemist yesterday and am also halfway through one of my childhood favourites, Anne of Green Gables. The latter brings quite some laughter to my quiet moments alone at home when Caitlin is at school and Eugene is at work, while I'm waiting for Caitlin to get out of school or when I have a moment to spare for a few paragraphs. Can't write in length right now as I need to go get Caitlin from school. Unfortunately, Anne is not with me in my car today....

I think the next book I shall pick up after Anne is The Swish of the Curtain. It was the book that inspired my dreams of being in the performing arts.

Then I had the Famous Five, Secret Seven, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Trixie Belden mystery series....and all the Enid Blyton tales. I was never a romance fiction fan somehow although I did try a few copies of Mills & Boon....

Aah, childhood books take you back to a time when life was more carefree.

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