Friday, April 3, 2009

Still no Internet...and update

Obviously, you can tell from the title of this post that this has been my main grouse these few weeks. I'm back again here at the apartment to visit my lonely computer to catch up on email and other stuff, including overdue bills that I usually pay online.

And because I have other things to take care of at the new place plus going through the motions of daily life, time spent here is limited so less time to share long stories about ACE.

The one-week school break came and went middle of last month. We didn't go anywhere except Petrosains and their feature exhibition of Dinotrek which Caitlin enjoyed very much. Petrosains however is a larger area with lots of science-related exhibits which Caitlin did not have the attention span to stay on at any particular one to read their explanations.

Rusty was stressed out from the move to the new place and protested with his new living arrangements. The first two weeks there we kept him outside in the shelter of our covered backyard most times. We couldn't handle having him inside with all our clutter and half-opened boxes with stuff which he'd very likely chew on when we were not looking. I also wanted to train him to use the toilet at the back and not inside the house. That did not go well with him. He was reluctant to eat unlike before when he'd rush to his bowl when he knew I was coming with food, and gobble up everything within seconds. He took a sniff and walked away this time, finishing his food in instalments over a couple of hours. And during the times we leave him alone at home to go out, he'd protest by going to toilet at spots other than his usual designated ones....

He's happier now because I allow him in during the day when I'm at home. When we're out, he's tethered via two leashes joined end to end, to a pillar at the front car porch. Left him loose one day to frolic unsupervised and he chewed up Eugene's slipper, dug a hole in the garden and had a taste of some 'serai' (citronella) plant that my MIL planted for me.

Caitlin is enjoying the new place as she gets to cycle around every evening and yesterday, she visited the small playground nearby for the first time. Our neighbours opposite have schoolgoing kids too so she's making new friends too. I'm getting my share of exercise too, having to go up and downstairs many times a day, walk briskly to catch up with the rebel cyclist or rein in the curious puppy when he goes out for walks.

There's still lots to do for the house. Some things can't get moving because in order to do B, A needs to be in place first and is not....

Gotta end here now and start going into my banking sites to pay bills.

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