Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Retail therapy

This is what I hope to get the next two hours. Life has been stressful since .... lost track....Really need a looong holiday away from home and this country preferably, but I really wonder when this can happen....

I've not bought new shoes for years and my Clarks sandals I got before Caitlin was born has given way. Other sandals and slip-ons had also given up on my feet much earlier so I really, really need at least a new pair of casuals pronto, plus a pair of comfy sporty shoes for brisk walks with Rusty and 'chasing' Caitlin while she cycles...what to do, no bike of my own to cycle along with her....I also need a haircut badly but doubt I'd have the time today given the fact that I'll have to factor in lunch and travel and waiting time to fetch Caitlin from school.

I still have half of the cash Eugene presented me last December for my birthday to spend on myself. How long do you take to spend 'crazy money' given to you? I guess it depends on how much the sum is and how good a shopaholic you are. some people can spend thousands in just one shop or boutique. As for me, the cash is not much, just in the hundreds, and I'm not a shopaholic plus I don't have time to while away at malls....and I prefer to buy cheap stuff! More for less! However, there's not much you can get for a couple of hundred bucks these days. Money is 'small' nowadays as some people say.

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