Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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The house is slowly getting into better shape. The third floor where our study is to be is still yet to be. The mosquito problem is slowly getting manageable...or are we getting used to it?

Rusty is still not as much attended to as I'd like it. He still has some skin problems and now lice too. This new neighbourhood has a high pet dog population. Most of the dogs look well-kept except for the two belonging to our neighbour two doors away. They are pretty much abused as working dogs in my mind - confined to a fenced area (although reasonably spacious), one is perpetually chained to the kennel while the other, a Rottie, roams free to scare possible intruders with his size and bark. I've not seen them let out or given a bath in the 1.5 months we've lived there. Possibly, they are the breeding ground for lice and ticks which crawl over to my place in search of new blood, literally....

Caitlin is enjoying her playroom, especially when she has friends and cousins over. School was out for the day yesterday as they had their annual sports day on Saturday (she and other green house classmates got a bronze trophy for the telematch they took part in and was very proud of it). She spent almost the entire morning playing alone in her make-believe world with her camping tent and fake firewood.

Sunday was Eugene's 44th birthday. We had both sides of the family over for lunch. We had too much food leftover, especially the pasta, while other dishes were doggy-bagged by the guests. I didn't get enough of my roasted pork ribs as I was too busy attending to this and that. Guess I'll have to make them again one day.

Need to find time to utilise my kitchen more as I've not been cooking as much as I want to.

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