Thursday, March 5, 2009


After all these months of planning, considering, managing and frustrating over everything related to our new house and the move, it's finally coming to a point where the real thing is happening. And it's in less than 24 hours' time...and I don't feel ready.

This is mainly because I look around and I still see this computer desk laden with stuff, wardrobes still with clothes hanging inside, kitchen cabinets still packed with dry groceries, cupboards still filled with pots and pans, Caitlin's desk still cluttered with her stationery, toys, junk, book shelves still with books inside....

Come 9.00 am tomorrow, the movers will invade our home with their boxes and wrapping materials. Being professionals, they will surely be able to sort out the mess and pack them up nicely for us. I am however nervous that I won't be able to find the stuff that I need to use on a daily and immediate basis once those boxes arrive at the new house....

We had moved many boxes of stuff on our own earlier but they contain mostly stuff that we've kept in storage for years, stuff that we think we need but have hardly used, stuff that serve no immediate, daily need.

Being a control freak, trusting stuff that are considered somewhat important in strangers' hands is something new to me. The many, many times that I've moved homes, rooms, dorms, apartments, I've always done it myself - sorted, packed, dismantled stuff on my own and only getting transporters to load them onto their lorry/truck and unload them at the destination.

Tomorrow, these people are not just transporters. They are movers. They pack, dismantle and move your stuff. My experience with movers prior to this was only in my working life when my company hired movers to help us move office. Even then, I was given the boxes and packed all my own stuff in my cubicle and department.

This morning, the cleaners I got spent 4.5 hours cleaning the new house. It is still not entirely spotless but at least cleaner with less dust and debris. Like all new houses, it'll have to go through several rounds of thorough cleaning before it gets to a lived-in level of cleanliness.

There's still lots to do at the new house besides unpacking. There are curtains to put up (luckily the curtain maker is doing that tomorrow evening), blinds, water filter, autogate, a few more light fixtures, one sink and minor items like mirrors, towel rods, hooks, laundry rack to install, some DIY wardrobes to build and some touch-up painting to do....

So getting the house ready to move in was one milestone. After tomorrow, there's another one to conquer - settling in.

Caitlin was excited when we told her she'll be sleeping in the new house tomorrow night onwards. However, she also voiced sadness that we're leaving this current place. She said she'll miss it. I don't doubt her. She's lived here since the day she was born. And when we told her we'd be renting out this place, she said she doesn't want other people living in it. Eugene explained to her that all our belongings will no longer be here when other people move in. She felt better then so I guess she was more concerned about her things.

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