Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Post-move Update

We moved to our new house on March 7th. It's our 11th day there today. The house is still cluttered with boxes, some half opened, some yet to be opened. Stuff are tucked away in corners, and strewn in some places, waiting for their turn to know where they'll end up in. Wish I had taken pictures to document our move. We did take a few on moving day but now I wish I took more and also the days following....But we didn't have time.

We estimated having moved all our stuff in a total of about 60 reasonably big boxes, excluding the bulky items like furniture and appliances. We've unpacked about 40. We still have power drills, hardware etc lying around the house as all the nitty gritty stuff like hooks and holders, shelves, blinds, etc to install. My new oven is still sitting pretty in its original box packaging in the tiny storeroom under the staircase, waiting to roast its first chicken...Needless to say, my cooking has been rather minimal these two weeks.

Also, it was because my new hob had a minor defect on one of its burners. It could light up but the flame could not sustain. Got it fixed two days ago. We got our autogate fixed today. Still waiting for phone and Internet line (see post below). Caitlin's teacher will be coming over tomorrow to help tune her drum set. I've yet to call the tuner to tune the piano.

Our living room aircond unit is currently unusable. Nothing wrong with it actually. But my ST*PID contractor who tiled my front porch and re-routed the drain underground did not notice the outlet of my aircond water there and covered it up with concrete. So if I switch on my aircond, I will eventually see wet patches on the wall beneath it where the concealed piping runs. Water can't get out where it's supposed to so it'll get out somewhere else lah... Now, another waiting game for the contractor to hack up a row of tiles from the floor of my porch to allow drainage of the water....

I spent six hours (yes, that long) sorting Caitlin toys out of seven boxes today. Some are going to charity while the others were re-categorised and arranged in her new play room. She's at my parents' home today so I could do it in peace. I only hope she'll maintain a semblance of what I've organised for her once she starts enjoying that room!

I've arranged Eugene's and my books in our new big book shelf unit upstairs. Took two days to carry piles and piles of books (they are sooo heavy) almost non-stop up four flights of stairs numerous times a day. I've been getting very good workouts these few days climbing stairs (it's a three-storey house... yes, only three people in the family and we need such a big house because you wouldn't believe how much toys and books both Eugene and Caitlin have. I only have books!)

Caitlin's four boxes of books are still untouched. We need to get more bookcases to organise her books as they can't all fit into the one Eugene and I are sharing....

I have to stop here. Time to leave this computer alone again and head home...

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